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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

THe return of the blog

Im bored and just had dinner with Eric Teng, Daniel Tan, Joanne our editor and someone Joanne knew....i cant remember.

Yeah so after months and months...actually it was an eternity ago since I blogged...yeah im back...just again as Daniel forced me onto my chair and said type something!! Its ure blog.

Yeah...I have a new job in NDY, I have my thesis which is being dont and experiments are running on it by myself. Im yet to try it under zero degrees conditions. Results shuld be interesting. wat else, I read leanne's blog so many times together with Jacinda's but long time since I blogged myself. I guess once in a while is a good way to reflect wat i have been doing for the past months and wat I need to do now. Yeah I shuld blog once in a while more often...

I find telling ym story of myself too often or daily just brings to show how bored or pathetic I am that I need someone to notice who or wat I have been doing for the past few hours. I feel it makes one to obstinate and full of themselves tht watever they think or write is right and justifies what they did that day was the right thing to do. But heck...September's blog till now justifies a bit or story telling. I'll write somore when I have time again and probably give one or two insights into my life when I get a raise or promotion or move to Australia or some new country.

I bet those who stopped reading my blog will get a shock to see a new entry...SO hi again guys... Hope you all are fine and well.

Signing off for now.

Sunday, September 11, 2005


Im sad, its supposed to be a special day today but from events that happened in the past few days and yesterday. I feel I’m quite lost and I do not know what to do. Have I not given enough? I have not tried hard enough? Have I don’t nothing for someone to deserve the way Im being treated now? How much can you expect from some when physical ways, that’s all you can give even though you feel you want to give more to just see them happy? And if this cant be respected in the first place, what the point and wasn’t tht considered in the beginning? What can be said about the other person then? Why do people whom I care demand so much from me? Not even remember the simplest important thing. Why do people cover up their mistakes when the milk can bee seen is spilt on the floor? Why ? What have I done wrong? Why do I blame myself sometimes? I think I care too much that’s why. Maybe I care for the wrong company also. I care for those who do not care and not think of me of who I am. Why? Why?

Let this snow cover my hooded hanging head facing the floor while I contemplate.

P/S: Leanne, thanks for your feedback

Saturday, September 10, 2005

The commotion of childish blogs

Sigh, I had a long day today. I had a Heat Transfer test yesterday worth 15 Marks!!! What the hell man. I hope Prof. John Sheridan changed the marking scheme for this course. I wanna thank James for lending me his scanned work. I gotta check out what Julianna Theory is all about. Rock lovers. Heh..

Today only 3 people came to the Heat Transfer tutorial. I was amazed as me and Rajiv and Yap sat in class doing 2 questions before the class ended. I had a row with someone too today and will be meeting David Lau from Johor and Jin Ho from Korea, both whom were my ex housemates for dinner in a short while. I gotta clean my room and iron my shirts too. The Art of Expresso class is tomorrow and it starts at 9 a.m. I hope I do not get the caffeine rush and jump about at the place.

Evelyn was supposed to take my tute notes for fluids but woke up late eh? I was told that I act like a girl from Rajiv. Maybe I can see from their perspective sometimes which makes me able to help those with relationship problems. However, I find it funny where there are some problems of mine I find, I cant solve.

I got a shock reading an entry from a person who dissed me in public. I wonder why someone would do that to me. Especially soemone I thought I could trust and with respect to how close we are, would not be ranting to the public, which means, people whom I do not know. I mean if any tom dick and harry goes around saying they are sick and tired of the world in blogs and the streets, wouldnt tht be pathetic? I think those who are mature and adult would just say, "Hey do something about it and deal with it!"

Friday, August 19, 2005


I started the day at 9 am with my Fluid Mechanics II class. It lasted to 11 am and had to work till 6pm. I met Chyn Wen who discharged from the SUnway Medical Centre at around 4pm. Thanking the kind nurses for their kind "hospitality", he bought them Starbucks coffee and food.

Nasrina gave me her email add to add into friendster and MSN. She also introduced a band to me which seems to be on Hitz FM known as "The Killers". I was oblivious to the group as...well..no radio, no TV (shrug) how was I supposed to know. I gotta check it out later. I am taking a break tonight from a week of hard labour. So much to do so, much to see.

Dinner was at Lima Bintang (Five Stars), but nah....it aint as fancy as it sounds. Just another ordinary mamak down the road from Sunway Medical.

Dinner: Nasi Lemak and Sambal Sardines (damn spicy)
Roti Canai with Chicken curry
Iced Milo

Im gonna sleep soon. Im pooped. Its 2 am actually

Thursday, August 18, 2005

The lousy Condo network and a Blackout

The network in Sunway Monash Condo is getting bad again. I found out about this "sunway portal" where networkers can load and download movies to manga to series and anime. I kept up to date with Gundam Seed Destiny after stopping somewhere in ep. 25. Naruto seems far away for me and Ive just finished ep 129.

Yeah call me slow but I havent gotten the time to do all the resting i need. I keep trying to download Man on Fire but the sunway potral keeps getting restarted and it is starting to piss me off. The worse part is because I only got to see 3/4 of the movie from Aries's DVD and the ending of the file is corrupted. GAAH! Its just like my "Saving Private Ryan" waiting marathon. I've tried to download the movie five minutes ago and now the "sunway portal" is down.

At 10.30 pm Malaysian time, the power grid of Sunway Condo went down and it was total darkness till 11.30pm. I have to say that Im impressed that the Selangor govt manages to keep the blackout time frame to an hour, at most. I got the small thrills of finally being able to use my tea lights that I bought from Ikea at like RM3.00 for 50 of them. However I was kind of worried as Ive seent the effects of these tea lights when they went into flaming balls when an idiot tried to put them out with water.

Ive got class at 9 am tomorrow. Im kinda tired but Ive got to finish this chapter on Heat Transfer before I sleep.

Monthly blogging...

I ve been working on my project for 5 weeks in total, not including the preliminarry fight over getting the project that is supervised by A/Proff Ong K.S. I managed to get all my material to build my new thermosyphon which will be using R134a as the internal substance. I am in the comp lab now finishing up my Heat Pipe drawing to be certified by my supervisor. I requested to see the work done by my techinicians down in the lab when they braze and assemble my parts together. Jacinda is waiting downstaris doing her assignment. Some dinner after this.

Friday, July 15, 2005


Ive been so busy with stuff. The orientation for new students of Semester 2 was held on Monday 11th July and I had to do the mass dance with the other buddies for each faculty. With my orange Monash Engineering tshirt on. I seemed to be the outstanding one there in the pictures. All the others were grey in colour. I hope to get the pictures from the photographer. I also havent gotten the Tug of War pictures Jessica promised me.

Its pouring like mad this whole day. The time of the year I guess from my experience for a year in Malaysia since I returned. I will be comtinuing my studies in Malaysia hopefully with Proffessor Ong KS as my supervisor.

Two new students moved into the middle room. Newbies, they are so messy and seem to wet the entire place. One of them was clattering around when he moved in from Morning till afternoon. I dont know what the hell he was cleaning the entire time.

Theres a trip to Bunga Buah in August. I might and might not join it.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Jacinda gave me this shirt....I love it Posted by Hello

One of the cards I got... Posted by Hello